1990 - 2000

February 1990
The Relay mirror experiment (RME) launches, which demonstrates critical technologies for space-based relay mirrors to be used with an SDI Directed-energy weapon system.
The experiment is supported by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL).


After blockling a free energy cold fusion project on behalf of U.S. Department of Energy,
Professor Steven E. Jones (Los Alamos) collaborates in experiments including on Directed Energy, Antimatter and Neutrino
at physics labs, including TRIUMF (Vancouver, British Columbia), KEK (Tsukuba, Japan), and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory at Oxford University.

Aug. 22, 1991
First official full scale satellite lethality experiment is using a high energy laser successfully completed with the MIRACL laser.

Officially founded in 1991, only a few months after german's reunification ( 'wall was stormed in October 1989'; official unification on 3 October 1990), companies like Jena-Optronik GmbH had been created, which work close with international defense- and aerospace industry. Actually Jenoptik GmbH, now Jenoptik AG, did exist since 1846 as Carl Zeiss company, then after World War II, the East German authorities renamed it into Kombinat VEB Zeiss Jena.
Jena is also home for the Institute of Optics and Quantum Electronics POLARIS Group, which is occasionally invited for Directed Energy Workshops.

"Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order.
Tomorrow they will be grateful!
This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat
from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence.
It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil.
The one thing every man fears is the unknown.
When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government."
Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991
Source: www.bilderberg.org

In her last book before her official suicide, Petra Karin Kelly, one of the co-founders in 1979 of Die Grünen, the German Green Party, stated that a CIA official reported to her, that the founding of the Green Party wouldn't have been possible without the support of the CIA.

Vinnell Corp., which later turns into a subsidiary of TRW/Northrop Grumman, is acquired by the Carlyle Group. Vinnell-Brown & Root, a joint venture of Vinnell Corp. and Brown & Root Services (Halliburton) is also known as the "TBMC - Turkey Base Maintenance Contract" to the U.S. Air Force within the Republic of Turkey, and linked as a key player in a potential ww4/5 scenario. 1992-2003 Frank Carlucci (RAND Corp.) serves chairman of the Carlyle Group, while close also following business at General Dynamics, Westinghouse, CB Commercial Real Estate, BDM International and G2 Satellite Solutions aka panamsat.com -

The Pulsed Laser Vulnerability Test System (PLVTS) Program starts.

August 1992
Army Space Command, home of satellite systems, Army astronauts and Army Space Support Teams, merges with the command.

The Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO) is renamed by former President Bill Clinton [a Phi Beta Kappa member], into the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (or BMDO). January1994 Clementine is launched from Space Launch Complex 4 West at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California using a Titan II launch vehicle. Clementine is joint space project between the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO, previously the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization, or SDIO) and NASA. - You (edit | delete)
-Intermission- the role of the secretive PBP society (Phi Beta Kappa) for a public cover-up of 9/11 cannot be dismissed. Among their current members are Jimmy Carter, Ralph Nader, George H.W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, James Woolsey, Bill Clinton, Thomas R. Pickering (International Crisis Group), Lynne Cheney, Henry Paulson (GoldmanSachs ; U.S. Treasury Secretary during Bush Admin), Jon Corzine (GoldmanSachs), Robert Rubin (GoldmanSachs), Condoleezza Rice, Ben Bernanke, Robert Zoellick, Karen Hughes (former director of communications for Bush), David Addington (chief of staff to Dick Cheney), Nicholas D. Kristof (NY Times), Eliot Spitzer, Kateryna Yushchenko (current wife of Ukrainian President), Patrick J. Fitzgerald ("Valerie Plame"-Reality TV Script, "BlagoGate" etc..), -
...Daniel Pearl (murdered in Karachi, Pakistan 2002), Paul Wellstone (killed in a 2002 plane crash), Carol Queen (sexologist, significant for a paralell rising EcoFeminist Fascism Cult), Jeff Bezos (Amazon Profile Tracking), Paul Clement (Solicitor General; fourth-ranking official in the U.S. Department of Justice), Ashley Judd (actor, Global Ambassador for YouthAIDS), Carson Kressley (gay activist NYC, supporter of Hillary Clinton's campaign for President), Michael Schur (writer for SNL until 2004), plus "9/11 tv stars" like George Stephanopoulos (ABC's Morning News with Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer) or Tom Brokaw (NBC).

The Darpanet also known as the Internet officially turns into the WorldWideWeb and replaces their former navigation system GOPHER with the first Browsers and Hypertext Language.
On the World Wide Web, a client program called a user agent retrieves information resources, such as Web pages and other computer files, from Web servers using their URLs.
In computer science a cognitive agent system is also often linked to the (ab)use of multiple identies, -personalties or -realities.
In the worst scenario it is also linked to a disease called Dissociative identity disorder which was initially named multiple personality disorder (MPD).

Kent Kresa (Northrop Corporation) helps establishing Northrop Grumman, by taking over Grumman Aerospace Corporation. He later also brokers a merger with TRW Inc. https://911review.org/Reports/Hayden_NSA-2.html

Dr Bruce Middleton, former head of the Australian Space Office, founds Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants Pty. Ltd. aka APAC.

Hughes Electronic's Hughes Space and Communications division becomes the largest supplier of commercial satellites. In the same year the group purchases Magnavox Electronic Systems from the Carlyle Group, originally a pioneer of the first home video game consoles in May 1972. -
...Magnavoz Odyssey was designed by Ralph Baer for the so called "Brown Box", with first prototypes in 1966, developed by defense-electronics company Sanders Associates, which belongs since 2000 to BAE. Sanders was formed in 1951 by former engineers and scientists from Raytheon. After 1986, Sanders Associates temporary was bought out by Lockheed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BAE_Systems

Merger of Martin Marietta and Lockheed

Shiva Star, now as part of SDI, creates the idea of "compact toroids" of high-density plasma.
The plasma projectiles would be shot at a speed expected to be 3000 km/s in 1995 and 10,000 km/s (3% of the speed of light) by 2000. A shot has the energy of 5 pounds of TNT exploding.

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA), then still called BMDO starts to work with Directed Energy Weapons.

Intellectual underpinnings of Future Combat Systems through Army After Next, a series of wargames.

June 25th, 1996
Attack on American barracks at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia.
Osama bin Laden is accused by the U.S. of masterminding that bombing,
which killed 19 U.S. airmen and wounded about 500 others

July 18th, 1996
Initiated by a memorandum of agreement between the U.S. and Israel, Northrop Grumman - under a $89 million contract- officially starts to develop the Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL). THEL is using deuterium fluoride laser (chemical laser) technologies. https://www.defense-update.com/directory/THEL.htm [Fast Forward: 1996 - 2000 Northrup acquires significant software companies, like Xetron Corporation (1996), Inter-National Research Institute Inc. (1998), Federal Data Corporation (2000), Navia Aviation As (2000), Comptek Research, Inc. (2000), and Sterling Software, Inc. (2000)].

Merger of Boeing and McDonnell Douglas 1997 L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc. is formed in New York, from the purchase of ten former business units of Lockheed Corp. L-3 stands for former Loral Corporation executives Frank Lanza, Robert LaPenta, and Lehman Brothers. In the following years they obtain WESCAM, portions of Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems , L-3 Communication Combat Propulsion Systems, previously owned by General Dynamics Land Systems and MPRI (once also linked as 'CIA Kosovo'-contractor) L-3 Communications, Pulse Sciences will later also replace 'Titan PSD, Maxwell, Physics International'

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) officially starts to work with Directed Energy Weapons. [64]

Veridian is formed in from the merger of Washington-based Calspan SRL Corporation and Veda International

October 1, 1997
The Department of the Army creates its newest major command – the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC).
It is linked to the High Energy Laser Systems Test Facility (HELSTF), at White Sands Missile Range, N.M. [27][52]

October 2, 1997
Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen approves "an experiment that will be used to reduce the vulnerability of U.S. satellite systems.
The purpose of the experiment is to collect data that will help improve computer models used for planning protection measures for U.S. satellites."
The experiment is being conducted by the U.S. Army's Mid-Infra-Red Advanced Chemical Laser (MIRACL) located at White Sands Missile Range, NM.

Telcordia Technologies, formerly Bell Communications Research, Inc. or Bellcore, is sold to Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telcordia_Technologies

Northrop Grumman acquires Logicon TASK, a defense computer contractor. Previously, Logicon had acquired belgian company Geodynamics Corporation in March 1996 and Syscon Corporation in February 1995. In March 2001, Logicon receives a five-year, contract to provide systems engineering and technical assistance (SETA) support for Trailblazer, officially "a major foreign signals intelligence modernization program". The Logicon TASC team includes Veridian, Advent Systems Inc., Electronic Data Systems Corp., Advanced Engineering & Sciences, a Division of ITT Industries, RDR Inc., SRS Technologies, Washington Group/Raytheon, Titan Systems Corp., Delfin Systems Division https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logicon

Doug Connell joins Whitney, Bradley & Brown, Inc. (WBB Consulting), to develop Network Centric Warfare products. In 2000, WBB becomes one of the major FCS contractors. https://www.wbbinc.com/bio-dou... Among other WBB leaders is Donald R. Bouchoux, Senior Vice President, who also "...was a Senior Principal Engineer with The MITRE Corporation..."



August 1997

PanAmSat(R) Corporation successfully launches its PAS-6 Atlantic Ocean Region satellite, the first communications satellite     

ever dedicated for direct-to-home (DTH) television services in Latin America...



October 17, 1997
The Mid-Infrared Advanced Chemical Laser (MIRACL), an experimental U.S. Navy deuterium fluoride laser developed by TRW, is successfully tested against an Air Force satellite.

007-Movie "Tomorrow never dies" predicts Satellite Defense-Media FalseFlag Dominance via 'german' techno terrorism etc... https://ff.im/2STat

Richard Donner, formerly known for The Omen and the Lethal Weapon films, directs the movie "Conspiracy Theory" with Mel Gibson; obviously to mock and discredit any kind of independent research for the future. Donner is also responsible for Superman: The Movie, and 5 other movies with Mel Gibson. His wife Shuler Donner, born in Cleveland, Ohio produced the X-Men film trilogy and was associate producer of ABC's World Wide of Entertainment in 1973.


October 21st, 1997
sat-net.com confirms that "MIRACL [built by TRW] is an offshoot of the Reagan administration's Strategic Defense Initiative" (SDI)

October 23rd, 1997
fas.org releases a paper, which states that "last week's test firing of a laser beam targeting an air force satellite failed to provide the Pentagon with all
the information it wanted about how vulnerable american satellites might be to a laser attack by a hostile nation"

The Hart-Rudman Commission is chartered by then Secretary of Defense William Cohen, among their members is Norman Augustine (Lockheed), who later helped also to establish a joint venture capital project for the CIA, called In-Q-Tel [originally named Peleus, Inc. and then In-Q-It, which will help boosting the success of Google [Earth]. ---

[see also Norman Augustine (Lockheed) and the 9/11 Perp Connection https://ff.im/aTaYz ]

In Britain, the Second Annual Directed Energy Weapons conference includes the UK Ministry of Defence, Raytheon, US Air Force Research Laboratory, TRW,
Litton-TASC, US Naval Medical Research Laboratory, National Defence Research Est. (Sweden) and Marconi.

Former President George H.W. Bush travels to Saudi Arabia on behalf of the privately owned Carlyle Group, the 11th largest defense contractor in the U.S. While there he meets privately with the Saudi royal family and the bin Laden family.[Source: Wall Street Journal, Sept. 27, 2001.]


March 19, 1998
Boeing and TRW, together known as "Team SBL" are awarded a six-month contract worth $10 million to define the concepts for a Space-Based Laser Readiness Demonstrator (SBLRD).

Thomas E. Romesser, vice president of TRW's Space & Laser Programs Division, offers a "fully operational system".



May 21, 1998
New York, NY
Jerome Hauer (Office for Emergency Preparedness, New York City )and Stephen Hatfill (U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases, later Battelle) held a speech at the CFR.
" Building a 'Biobomb': Terrorist Challenge and U.S. Response "

July 10, 1998
TRW Inc. is awarded a $77.8 million contract by the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)
to design, build and operate the Geosynchronous Lightweight Technology Experiment (GeoLITE) satellite program...
...The company has also built seven NASA Tracking and Data Relay Satellite Systems (TDRSS) satellites,
eight Navy UHF Fleet Satellite Communications satellites, 16 Defense Satellite Communication System (DSCS II) satellites and eight INTELSAT III satellites...

November 30, 1998
jya.com reports that "in the 13 months since it test-fired the nation's most powerful laser at a dying Air Force satellite,
the Army has quietly continued refining the system's ability to track and defeat satellites while the debate over "space control" weapons continues..." [61]

Zircon , is the codename for a British signals intelligence satellite, intended to be launched in 1988, before being cancelled.

BDM (Falls Church, Virginia) which provides logistics, training and intelligence to the Saudi Army and Air Force, is switching Carlyle's controlling interest to TRW. On the board of TRW is meanwhile former CIA director Robert M. Gates (since 1994) and Michael H. Armacost, who served as Undersecretary of State under President Reagan and as president of the Brookings Institution from 1995-2002. https://www-catalog.cpl.org/CLENIX/ACE-8792

https://web.archive.org/web/20031209170000/https://911index.0catch.com/GFP_July-Saudi-ties_911_03.html [ewing2001 "9/11 Report - The real Saudi Ties are U.S. Ties" - *2004]

September 1998
Computer Scientist Larry H. Reeker becomes part of NIST, who eventually will become part of the NIST Team for Future Combat System. According to his own statement, he worked formerly at the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) [expertise in space systems], Carnegie Mellon University, The BDM Corporation, and as consultant for Department of Defense, NASA, and the Agency for International Development https://web.archive.org/web/20001023054800/

https://webportal.saalt.army.mil/asb/studies/2003_fcs_exec_brf.pdf https://hissa.nist.gov/reeker/index.htm

September 1998
New Jersey-based Telephone Systems International (TSI) announced a $240 million contract with the Taliban to establish a network of satellite-call centers in Afghanistan's major cities and a 30,000-line wireless phone system in Kabul.
Eighty percent of profits would be retained by TSI with the rest accruing to the Taliban.
TSI was still operating in Afghanistan in September 2001.

January 1999
British Aerospace and MES to form BAE Systems



German Krauss-Maffei fuses with Mannesmann DEMAG and Wegman to Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. KMW continues to specialize in War Simulations and Virtual Cities, and becomes part of the 2000 contract series of Future Combat System. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krauss-Maffei



Veridian acquires ERIM International, MRJ Technology Solutions and Trident Data Systems. Veridian is located in Aurora, CO, also home for Buckley Air Force Base. Buckley is historically linked to events such "Cuban Missile Crisis", "Vietnam Conflict" and "Operation Noble Eagle" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckley_Air_Force_Base Among Buckley's 77 tenants is also the 'Continental US NORAD Region'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veridian  ... [Aurora is also name of a Strategic Reconnaissance Aircraft, believed by independent researchers to be capable of hypersonic flight (speeds of over Mach 5), inofficially built by Lockheed Advanced Development Comp -

The Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS) is created.
Among their most prominent members are demolition expert Van Romero and Norman Mineta (ex-Lockheed).
Before 9/11, Romero will become a Roundtable Discussion moderator of “The Future of Directed Energy Education"

Officially first 'testing' of the Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL), known as the world's first laser weapon system, at HELSTF. https://helstf-www.wsmr.army.mil/sys.htm https://helstf-www.wsmr.army.mil/his.htm THEL turns in a mobile system (MTHEL) and is also officially used during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict.


Northrup acquires Teledyne Ryan, which developes surveillance systems and unmanned aircraft. It also acquires California Microwave, Inc., and Data Procurement Corporation, in the same year.

February 08, 1999
"Team SBL IFX" is created.
Project Title: Directed Energy Technology for Countering Indirect Weapons.
Among the Board members are Dr. Rettig P. Benedict, Jr, (The Schafer Corporation); Dr. Robert L. Byer (Stanford Photonics Research Center),
Dr. Alan H. Epstein (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Dr. Madeleine L. Naudeau (Sandia National Laboratories) and Dr. Gregory H. Canavan
(Los Alamos National Laboratory/DARPA Directed Energy Panel) .

February 1999
The USAF awards a contract for the SBL Integrated Flight Experiment (SBL-IFX), the new name for SBLRD, which stands for Space-Based Laser Readiness Demonstrator.

The Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS) is founded to foster research and development of Directed Energy (DE) technology for national defense and civil applications.

U.S. Army begins concept for Future Combat Systems under Army Chief of Staff Gen. Eric K. Shinseki, who describes it as part of the "objective force".
After 9/11, Shinseki also becomes one of the leading strategists in the "war on terror" in Iraq. Under Obama, Shinseki is selected by the Aspen Stratey Group as Secretary of the Veterans.

Early reports describe Future Combat System as "representing the most advanced component of the Objective Force...expected to field its first system to troops in 2012..." https://acc.dau.mil/CommunityBrowser.aspx?id=30348%E2%8C%A9=en-US The code word "Objective Force" is frequently used by four-star general Eric Ken Shinseki, who now serves as Secretary of Veterans Affairs under Barrack Obama. Shinseki helped establishing FCS, which officially includes 14+1+1 systems, incl. unmanned aerial- and ground vehicles, the network-centric project Future Force Warrior, also in competition with FIST, the British analog; IdZ, the German Bundeswehr Future Soldier project; Land 125, the Australian version; Félin (France), F-INSAS (India), ACMS (Singapor) and many others... https://friendfeed.com/search?q=idZ

May 19, 1999
science.nasa.gov reports about new advanced "Star Wars technology",
which also is "transmitting enough data through a communications line to produce 3D images..."

July 1999:
Thomas Inglesby, Hopkins Institute and top advisior of the Pentagon, writes his first popular scenario:
"Anthrax: A Possible Case History"

September 1999
Norman Augustine (Lockheed Martin), Stephen Friedman (Goldman Sachs), William Perry (former Secretary of Defense) and John Seeley Brown (Palo Alto Research) finishing up the final logistics for In-Q-Tel.


November 30, 1999
Marconi Electronic Systems (MES), or GEC-Marconi until 1998, is acquired by British Aerospace (BAe) to form BAE Systems. [28]
Original owner Guglielmo Marconi (25 April 1874 - 20 July 1937) was an Italian inventor,
best known for his development of a radiotelegraph system, competing with other patents of Hertz, Branley, Tesla, and Lodge.


[sic: missing sources please check by googling huge text fractures or at
9/11 Truthling Cult Infiltration Watch https://www.911closeup.com/nico/911truthling1204.html
The distraction psyOPs around the History of DEW + Co.
Decoding History: 9/11 "EuroSpace Outside Job" [plus Australian "Space"]
History of Directed Energy Weapons ;  ]