Hughes Space and Communications Company is purchased by Boeing and renamed into Boeing Satellite Development Center.

The NSA, NRO and NASA gives out at least 40 contracts for Future Combat System, which integrates Directed Energy Weapons.
Officially four industry teams are competing in the first phase of the program. The Boeing Company leads a team of eight firms.
TRW Inc. leads Team Gladiator, which has six companies.
Team Full Spectrum, which has 10 companies, is led by SAIC. The fourth competitor, called Team Focus Vision,
has 13 members and is led jointly by General Dynamics Land Systems and the Raytheon Company.
The concept design phase is "scheduled for completion by October 2001".

January 2000
Chalid al-Midhar is observed by the CIA  in Malaysia.
He is later the suspected hijacker aboard official American Airlines Flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon, but not listed in the ACARS triggered BTS database.

Jan. 22, 2000,
The CFR presents publicly a scenario of a global financial meltdown, run as a war-game simulation at its Manhattan headquarters.
James Woolsey, ex CIA director, played the role of Secretary of Defense.

March 2000
Boeing, Lockheed Martin, BAe and Raytheon create B2B Exchange for the Aerospace- and Defense Industry.
Through its products, portals and services, Commerce One creates access to worldwide markets, "allowing anyone to buy from anyone, anytime, anywhere".

April 26, 2000
Spacedaily reports that TRW conducted a test of the Alpha high-energy laser that produced a 25 percent increase in the laser's output power and improved its quality.
The "six-second test of the megawatt-class Alpha was performed March 28 at TRW's Capistrano Test Site in Southern California as part of the Alpha Laser Optimization (ALO) program.
ALO is funded jointly by the Air Force and Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO)..."
The photo story includes Dr. Rettig P. Benedict, Jr., DEPS Team, Founder of ASAT Weaponry.

May 2000
Dozens of private military companies receive a contract on Future Combat System, to be established in different teams; here alphabetically listed: * Aurora Flight Sciences [Team FoCus Vision (Consortium,), led by General Dynamics] * Battelle Institute [Team Gladiator (Consortium)], also [Team FoCus Vision (Consortium,), led by General Dynamics] * Boeing [The Boeing Team] * Carnegie Mellon [Team Gladiator (Consortium)] * CSC/Nichols Research [Team Gladiator (Consortium)] * General Dynamics Land Systems Inc. [Team FoCus Vision (Consortium,), led by General Dynamics] * Honeywell [Team FoCus Vision (Consortium,), led by General Dynamics] * IITRI/AB Technologies[Team Gladiator (Consortium)] * ITT Industries [Team Full Spectrum/SAIC] * Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), Germany [The Boeing Team] * Lockheed Martin [Team Gladiator (Consortium)] * Logistics Management Institute (LMI) [Team Full Spectrum/SAIC] * Los Alamos National Laboratory [Team FoCus Vision (Consortium,), led by General Dynamics]
....* Maxwell Physics International [Team FoCus Vision (Consortium,), led by General Dynamics] * NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology [The Boeing Team] * New Definitions, Inc., Tacoma, WA [The Boeing Team] * Northrop Grumman Corp [Team Full Spectrum/SAIC] * Omnitech Robotics International LLS [Team Full Spectrum/SAIC] * Raytheon Company, Plano, Texas [Team FoCus Vision (Consortium,), led by General Dynamics] * Rockwell Science Center, Thousand Oaks, CA [The Boeing Team] * SAIC [Team Full Spectrum/SAIC] * Sensis [Team FoCus Vision (Consortium,), led by General Dynamics] * Sensor.com Wireless Integrated Network Sensors [Team FoCus Vision (Consortium,), led by General Dynamics] * Signature Research, Inc., Calumet, MI [The Boeing Team] * SRI International [Team Full Spectrum/SAIC] * Stanford Research Institute International [Team FoCus Vision (Consortium,), led by General Dynamics]
...* Sterling Heights [Team FoCus Vision (Consortium,), led by General Dynamics] * Strategic Perspectives Inc. [Team Full Spectrum/SAIC] * TRW [Team Gladiator (Consortium)] * United Defense, LP [Team Full Spectrum/SAIC] * University of Texas Center for Electromechanics [Team Full Spectrum/SAIC] * Vector Research, Inc./ERIM, Ann Arbor, MI [The Boeing Team] * VRI [Team Full Spectrum/SAIC] * Whitney, Bradley & Brown, Inc., Vienna, VA [The Boeing Team], also [Team FoCus Vision (Consortium,), led by General Dynamics] https://911researchers.com/node/1203

May 2000
Space.com reports that Australia launches a satellite in 2001 for the first time in three decades


This event triggers also more business for other australian space-based business as in Cooperative Research Centre for Satellite Systems (CRCSS), JAESAT, Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants Pty. Ltd. aka APAC [Sidney; ], Spacelift Australia Ltd and others.

June 2000
One week, after Dick Cheney resigns from Halliburton Root + Brown, the subsidiary signs a contract with the Pentagon about constructions in various countries.
The contract was later upgraded into "a 408-unit detention camp at the Radio Range area of U.S. Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba"

July 2000 to January 2001
Dr. Stephen Cambone is Staff Director for the Commission to Assess United States National Security Space Management and Organization, also called the Rumsfeld Commission. Rumsfeld proclaims, that "America faced a potential Pearl Harbour in space and called for an arsenal of space weapons". from "Lost War Drill Chapter 6 -Space War", 2004; ewing2001 v
...Cambone will eventually become the first United States Under-Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in 2003, and replaced in 2007 by James R. Clapper, Jr., former head of DIA and the NGA (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, formerly known as NIMA)

10 July 2000
'SpaceWar' increases in Europe: European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company EADS N.V. (EADS), a large European aerospace corporation, formed by the merger of DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG (DASA) of Germany ['Mercedes Benz'], Aérospatiale-Matra of France, and Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA (CASA) of Spain.

July 12-13, 2000
While public media were assuring the credulous public of a "soft landing" for the U.S. economy, the New York Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) held a second conference at its headquarters on the East Side of Manhattan, entitled "The Next Financial Crisis: Warning Signs, Damage Control and Impact".
It includes a testgame regarding a possible terrorist attack.
Former CIA director James Woolsey plays the role of Secretary of Defense

September 2000
National Defense Magazine reports that "..Randy Buff, a scientist at the Army Space and Missile Defense Command, said his office is considering the use of high-energy laser weapons for FCS..."


October 17, 2000
Blackstone, to be integrated into TRW, obtains the mortgage for WTC 7.
The press text says that "it has purchased, from Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association,
the participating mortgage secured by 7 World Trade Center, a commercial office complex controlled by real estate developer Larry Silverstein..." [35]

30 October - 3 November 2000.
The 3rd Annual Directed Energy Symposium Proceedings takes place in Albuquerque, NM.
Preliminary Program and Registration is at Kirtland Air Force Base, White Sands Missile Range.

November 6, 2000
TRW, Inc. is releasing a press release confirming that SBL-IFX is "awarded $97 Million For Next Phase Of Space-Based Laser Program..."


November 2000
Don Abbott, of Command Emergency Response Training, walks over to the Pentagon and extinguishes the flames of a plane..
However The Pentagon was a model and the "plane crash" was a simulated one.

28 November 2000
Space.com reports about the Space-Based Laser (SBL) concept:
"...The idea is seen as next-generation directed-energy weaponry, whereby dozens of space platforms would be interlinked to create an Earth-orbiting global missile defense system..."
In early November, the Air Force awarded a $97 million contract to three companies:
TRW Space & Electronics Group, Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space Operations and Boeing Space & Communications Group.