ZEUS, developed by Bob Bowman's former company General Dynamics, and upgraded at the High Energy Laser Systems Test Facility (HELSTF) at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, is requested to be deployed to Afghanistan.
(General John M. Keane, Vice Chief of Staff of the Army 1999-2003)[26]

January 2002
Ground Zero Forum releases their "Top 500 FAQ", an immense list of unanswered questions for a 911-commission [1/29/2002]

March 2002
GROUND ZERO Forum contacts Cynthia McKinney to inform her about the massive support of challenging the official story of Sep11th

Blackstone Group obtains TRW Automotive Holdings from Northrop Grumman. Eventually Blackstone will be later also part of some RecessionOP-Ponzi Scheme, together with Goldman Sachs as main inititiator [already pushing a new Brazil-Russia-India-China economy community] plus IBM and Lehman Bros, with help of Chinese Investment Corp. , theChina Inc. and of course Blackstone's own subsidiary BlackRock for the U.S. Bailout cover-up. -

May 2002
Ground Zero Forum organises a 3-Day 911-Skepticism Forum at Chashama Theatre on Times Square, New York and invited many different panelists, which puts also attention on the german DER SPIEGEL, which shows up. Only a few days after the 911Skepticism Event, all supporters of this event, guerrillanews, democraticunderground and Ourdna.Org are getting hacked, defaced or attacked. The website of Ourdna.Org is furthermore defaced and at another opportunity, while the anti-trojan was disabled, the "wininit" of the home station is getting erased and the network infected with a worm. Only one day later, the system is finally able to restart, but in 16-bit mode only. GroundZero-Forum, independent from Ourdna.Org continues to operate during this incident, but is strongly handicapped. Interestingly, only a few days later, on May 15th 2002, President Bush confirms, that 'he knew' about some pending attack regarding 9/11.

May 2002
smi-online.co.uk explains that the USA is "investing heavily in directed-energy programmes such as the airborne laser (ABL),
the space-based laser (SBL), tactical high-energy laser (THEL) and directed energy for possible antisatellite (ASAT) missions..."

15 May 2002
RAND reviews Directed-energy weapons, such as space lasers; Kinetic-energy weapons; Space-based kinetic energy weapons
and Space-based conventional weapons.

July 2002
Air Force Directed Energy Research and Development writes that “the Air Force is proud to be the national leader in directed energy research and development.
Our forty years of directed energy investments are paying off in very significant ways..."


July 1, 2002

It is announced that Northrop Grumman acquires TRW, officially completed in March 2003.


Jul. 21, 2002
TIME Magazine announces "humvee-mounted directed-energy weapons...expected to see it in the field by 2009..."

XADS is founded, specializing in hand-held directed energy laser devices, among them StunStrike, Screech, and
SaberShot photonic disruptors or smart Kinetic Resonance Energy Weapons (KREW),
"...to be ready for fielding by early 2006..."

August 2002
Air Force Print News reports that F-16 pilots are using an F-16
simulator modified to integrate a high energy laser weapon model into an F-16's program.
According to Rudy Martinez, Air Force Research Laboratory directed energy directorate strategic planner,
"the system can also be used to develop tactics and a concept of operations."

October 16th, 2002
a conflict between many progressive members and more pragmatic, hopefully democrat party supporters of DU turned in the famous "september skinner coup" or "night of the long knives" (See Du), as many speculated, "orchestrated by the DNC". It was one "insulting" news topic on an anti-Hillary Clinton protest, which was used by DU-admin Skinner as a reason to ban various members of the board, including the leftist IndianaGreen, Sterling, 2muchBS and - Ewing2001. Only 3 weeks before the election, Sterling and ewing2001, already active in public on many different other events, decided to support DU-member BPilgrim's private portal globalfreepress.com

October 2002
democratic party lost the senate election. SGTV and bushknew.info had their own "table" at the Washington Anti-war protest on October 26th, 2002 and distributed their booklets, videos, leaflets and flrs

October 2002
vizRT, an Israeli specialist in geo-positioning software, is included in a contract of the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, when they select SGI to provide computer systems to serve, which includes an InfiniteReality4graphics engine running viz (virtual studio) software from vizRT...  



... Vizrt Ltd. also signs a US$5 million deal with Australia's Network TEN

November 2002
GZ Forum started to work on the book "911Skeptics Unite! -the encyclopedia"

November 5, 2002
REUTERS reports that the "U.S. Army used a high-energy laser to shoot down an artillery shell in mid-flight ...in a defense industry breakthrough...
the Army and TRW Inc, which developed the weapon, said in a joint statement that the laser tracked,
locked onto and fired a burst of concentrated light energy photons at the speeding shell over the White Sands test range in New Mexico...
...The Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser (MTHEL) is being developed by TRW for the Army and the Israeli Defense Ministry..."