Urantia Member and co-founder of 911truth.org Byron Belitsos describes at a "9/11 Convergence" conference in California his vision of a "planetary democracy", also referred to as World Federalism.
Belitsos would like to replace the United Nations with a World Parliament, which would "rule the world democratically".
Belitsos collaborated with Jim Garrison in presenting the 911 Convergence conference. Garrison is the co-founder with Mikhail Gorbachev of the State of the World Forum, which promotes world government, new age religions, and population reduction. Garrison and Gorbachev are both friends and colleages with George Schultz, which is rather interesting given that Garrison is pitching his views as the antithesis or solution to current US foreign policy.
Schultz himself played a key role in installing into the Bush Administration the so-called "vulcans" (including Condoleeza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, et al) who have been at the forefront of this "unilateralist" policymaking!

Garrison also once held a position at the Esalen Institute, which has extensive connections to US psychological warfare & mind control operations.
Jim Garrison also cofounded the State of the World Forum in 1995 with Mikhail Gorbachev, who is also still member of the ClubofRome.
Meanwhile also in 2004, Les Jamieson, yet another Urantia Leader takes over successfully ny911truth.org, which was originally co-founded by Nico Haupt and Angie d'Urso, who left the group during early 2004 after heavy debates with one of the first infiltrators, Nic Levis, an obviously brainwashed victim of former 911truth.org director David Kubiak, who happens to work also on a Cold Fusion Project in Japan, together with Los Alamos associate Russ George.

Team8+ compiles research about a pre 9/11 LosAlamos/NASA/NGA(NIMA) project, linking an International Mapping-, Zoning- and Imaging Surveillance Project together.
It also links to the Future Combat System though this compilation ignores to ellaborate on any further follow-up info.
The research also refers to the pre 9/11 NASA Google Earth Project (NSA/In-Q-Tel) .

April 2004
Lawrence Livermore demonstrates the "Penetration of a 2.5-centimeter-thick piece of steel in 2 to 7 seconds".

Future freegan-cult "leader" Quinn Hechtkopf joins a Raytheon (Jay Lala)/DARPA sponsored Institute,

directly linked to his own Professor Andriana Compagnoni.
Other sponsors include the National Science Foundation, which is also funding the programs 'Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations' [SEAS] and Sentient World Simulation. 9/11 Researcher and former digital activist ewing2001 will later claim,

that he was calculated into a building *run* by Hechtkopf [Thames 15.x, Brooklyn], for yet another attempt to destabilizer or dismantle his work, while apparently ending a 18-month battle against being homeless, started by the NY POST, Andrea Peyser and John Albanese.


May 2004
Battelle, in 2000 one of the main contractors for Future Combat System, describes "Non-Lethal Directed Energy" in the arsenal of non-lethal weapons,
the VMADS, or Vehicle Mounted Active Denial System, which "offers much promise over the next decade"
and "uses high-powered directed energy that is capable of stopping people and machinery".

June 2004
Intelsat's IS-10-02 satellite is launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan aboard an ILS Proton rocket.

August 2, 2004
PrisonPlanet mirrors the article "Pentagon Looks to Directed-Energy Weapons", but decides to ridicule an increased interest into the topic after 2006 with the label "space beams disinfo".


August 09, 2004
Pakistan Dailytimes writes that "Pentagon looks to directed-energy weapons"

August 2004
After serving 25 years in the U.S. House of Representatives, Doug Bereuter, is becoming president of the Asia Foundation, which was partly created with fundings from the World Bank and linked to the CIA in 1967.  Bereuter is also among Board of Trustees of Logistics Management Institute (LMI), a "...strategic consultancy committed to helping government leaders and managers reach decisions...". In 2000, LMI was among the main contractors for Future Combat System (FCS). Among LMI's chairmen had been Daniel P. Burnham (Raytheon; former AlliedSignal, Inc. etc...), Philip A. Odeen (TRW; former President, BDM)


September 2004
SAIC completes the DETEC Tri-Service Study at DETEC.
https://www.detecteam.org/ [3]

September 20, 2004
EADS Astrium releases a paper about "space based laser arrays" [5.3], "free electron lasers" [5.6.3.]

December 2004
Helios 2A, a French military observation satellite is launched on an Ariane 5 rocket from French Guiana -


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