StunRay™, CHP Laser Dazzler™, and SaberShot, are described as weapons which could virtually "blind" the terrorist or anti-social element for around 40 seconds

June 7thm 2008
Financial Times reports about the thesis within the 9/11 Truth Movement of Directed Energy Weapons being one of the suspects for the destruction of the Twin Towers. [65]

September 2008
Boeing Worries About Airborne Laser Budget Cuts

September 2008
GeoEye-1 satellite is up in the skies, which launched in September 2008 from Vandenberg Air Force Base aboard a Delta II launch vehicle (manufactured by Boeing Defense). GeoEye Inc. is founded in 1992 as a division of Orbital Sciences Corporation and the world's largest space imaging corporation. Parts of the company had been controlled by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, when the original name of the company was still 'Space Imaging'.

October 2008
India's historic maiden mission to the moon, Chandrayaan-I, is launched


November 2008
The Missile Defense Agency reports again, that the Airborne Laser successfully fired a "complete weapon system from aircraft"

December 2008

SportsVU, the Israel based company that provided, together with the norwegian department of vizRT, hologram effects (*actually it was a tomogram combination https://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2008/11/05/tech-holograms.html) to CNN during the election campaign is been acquired by Stats; a sports data company. ---